Annual General Meeting

Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2020 (download PDF)

A Word from our President – Deborah Pearson

Dear Community Members,

It gives me great pleasure to present ARC’s annual report for 2019-2020.

The growth and development of ARC continued this past year with the offer of a variety of services to seniors, caregivers, youth, people living with mental health issues and sharing knowledge with others through the partnership table.  A strategic assessment of our mission and purpose with our partners and community was launched this past year.  The applications of this work will be forthcoming shortly.

ARC has demonstrated to be a dynamic organization that is actively seeking new alternatives to meeting the needs of the English -speaking community.

ARC had to harmonize and adapt the offer of services quickly in March due to the COVID-19. This demonstrates the resilience and dedication of our Executive Director, Christian Lapointe and his team of workers and volunteers.

A special thank you all the members of ARC’s Board of Directors of ARC, your belief in ARC, loyalty and devotion is an essential ingredient in the growth and success of our organization.

Under the leadership of our Executive Director, Christian Lapointe, ARC has magnified the number of services and involvement in the community. Thank you Christian, to you and your team and all the volunteers for their dedication and capacity to adapt in times of crisis and harmonize the offer of services to the needs of our community.

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