A network of organizations working to promote and increase access to public health and social services for English-speaking populations in the Montérégie.

A Collaborative Vision & Mission

Vision – Promote and increase access to public health and social services for the English-speaking population in the Montérégie.

Mission – Identify common challenges and opportunities in the access or delivery of health and social services in the Montérégie with focus on the vulnerable population including seniors, caregivers, youth and families, mental health and cultural communities.

As a network of members and partners, we do this by increasing access to public health and social service information and developing and implementing community wellness projects that target vulnerable English-speaking groups.

Star Program Do you know an employee, a volunteer or a team at a community or public organization who stands out for having made a special effort to improve the health and well-being of Montérégie’s English-speaking community members? We invite you to nominate them for the Special Thanks and Recognition Program (Star Program)!

The Star Program, an initiative of the Regional Health and Social Services Partnership Table (RHSSPT), is a program that highlights individuals or groups who demonstrate support for the Montérégie English-speaking community.

Selected candidates will receive a certificate of congratulations, a gift card as a token of appreciation, and they will be featured in the newsletter publications and Facebook pages of diverse health organizations across the Montérégie.

To nominate a candidate or a team, please complete the following form https://fr.surveymonkey.com/r/TNYYYH5 or call us at 514-605-9500 for more information.